The easiest way to serve desserts at functions is in slice form. We recommend to cut them in half long ways (finger shape) for easy selection and gives people the option of 2 varieties. We also have “Speciality desserts” which you need to scoop and are harder to portion, eg Trifle.

The following are whole ready for you to cut or scoop and serve 16-20 heads per tray, as the cakes are sold whole we round up your order to suit your head count. You need to provide your own serving and eating utensils and we highly recommend serving with ice-cream. The option to order desserts is on the “main meal” booking form.

$2.00 p/h Whole Cakes Dessert List

Continental cheese cake slice. Mixed berry, Passion fruit, Lemon. Serves 20

 The following slices serve 16. Easy to portion.

Anna’s Famous Choc Jelly Slice
Apple Slice
Caramel Slice
Carrot Cake Slice.
Hedgehog Slice
Lemon Meringue Slice
Lemon Slice
Sticky Date Slice
Meringue Bird Nest with cream and chocolate, Individual serves, minimum 16 Better than single serve pavlova, very popular! Great for Celiacs!

“Speciality Desserts” Serves 16. Harder to portion.

Bread and Butter Pudding. ($2.00 per head)
Bee-sting Slice ($2.50 per head)
Dressed Pavlova, serves 20 ($2.00 per head)
Tiramisu ($2.50 per head)
Trifle ($2.00 per head)

Fruit Salad 1 Kg serves 20 scoops to accompany other desserts, 2kg minimum. $15 per kilo

Important Note: The main meal order forms include ordering for desserts as you check the “Include desserts”  option on the booking form. We will calculate how many cakes you need. If you are considering a request for desserts only please contact us.