Pre-Dinner Nibbles: Menu and Quote

Cocktail Party, Canapes, Hors d’oeuvre

Pre-Dinner Nibbles is just that! We do all the work, cooking, serving, washing, cleanup & rubbish. There is the option of pre-dinner nibbles on the booking form of our Fully Catered Buffet Packages.

Pre-Dinner Nibbles
are served for approximately one hour and consist of 3 baked pieces and 3 fried pieces of food per guest as shown below. Please see the booking form to select your choice. We arrive approximately ½ an hour prior, serve your guests, have about a ½ hour break then start your main course. This is very popular with weddings while the photos are being taken. All served main meals have the option of pre-dinner nibbles on the booking form.

Prices for pre Dinner Nibbles; 20-40 heads: $11.50 per head, 41+ heads: $10.50 per head

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