Pulled Roast in gravy

The pulled roast meat in gravy  are in a foam box for easy transport and will stay beautifully hot for at least 2 hours. All foods must be handled with the 2 hour/4 hour health department rule from designated pick up time, unsure? Please ask!

What do you, the Customer, need to supply?

You will need a scissors, small serving tray and tongs for the meats. Hot Rod’s Roasts will supply instructions on the best way to serve your meats.

It is very important to supply the correct amount of salads, breads, etc to ensure that you don’t run out of meat. We recommend 265g of mixed salads per adult head and 2 slices of bread. Salads should always be presented before the meats on your buffet table.

Hints and Tips Allow enough room for your buffet on the day, a poorly organized function can sour a happy occasion. Have your tables at least 1 meter away from the wall so you can stand behind to serve the carved meats and face your guests. It is also easier to be set up away from the guests and close to a door, garages and front verandas are ideal.

What do I do now?
Book? If you would like to book  please click on the link below.

Definite Booking

Once you have received your invoice and would like to proceed simply pay the deposit. Once deposit is paid your booked in!

When booking your function only an estimate of your guests is required. No later than 5 working days prior to midday, usually Monday, you must ring if you want to change your head count. If we have not heard from you we will assume that your estimate number is your final figure. Please DO NOT RING after this time as we will have done all our calculations, staff roster, & orders. Fresh stock can not be sent back. Any changes after this time incur a $25 charge, in some cases we may be able to add heads to your function, not reduce.

We reply to all quotes and bookings on Mondays and Thursdays.

If you are unsure please feel free to ring us and discuss it further. 9729 9111

Terms, Conditions and FAQs


Deposits are non-refundable on cancellation. To secure this quote as a booking please do so by paying the deposit and booking fee by the nominated due date. On receiving your deposit Hot Rod’s Roasts will commit to providing your function as quoted. If a deposit is not receive your within 5 working days from the day the invoice was processed it will be assumed the function is not required and the quote/booking will be removed.


When booking your function only an estimate of your guests is required. No later than 5 working days prior, usually Monday, you must ring (not email) before 12.00 to check your function details and make changes eg your head count. Once confirmed we will refund your booking fee. In the event you don’t call Hot Rod’s Roasts before 12.00 we will assume your function is as per your original booking, will calculate your weights and measures, order your stock, organise our rosters and staff and send you a final invoice. If you call after this time it will take an hour to repeat this process and therefore will need to claim the booking fee to cover wages. Additional booking fees will be charged for the same reason if other changes are made later in the week, in some cases we may be able to add heads to your function, not reduce. If Hot Rod’s Roasts have not heard from you within 4 working days from your function we will assume that your function is cancelled and you will lose your deposit.

PAYMENT Most customers pay once they have confirmed their final numbers. You can do this by direct bank transfer, credit card over the phone or drop in with cheque or cash.

PRICING and QUOTES are subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances effecting business eg flooding, fires etc. If your quote has changed you have the option to withdraw reclaiming monies paid minus $100 handling fee.


It is always best to set your serving time later than usual as people are always late and not everything goes to plan! We arrive about 30 mins prior to serving according to the size of your function.


All "Pulled meat" quantities are calculated according to the booked head count and we use the same calculations successfully week after week. In the event that you have more people than you have paid foryou run the risk of running out of food. In the event you feel your guests are above the normal large serve which we allow, eg Sumo Wrestlers or a footy club who expect to eat meat all night, please discuss it with us.


Hot Rod’s Roasts reserves the right to refuse a booking or to serve, eg rude or drunk guests. Hot Rod’s Roasts is fully insured for public liability, takes much care but no responsibility.


Hot Rod’s Roasts food may contain products that could cause an allergic reaction and take no responsibility in this case. Some of our food contains wheat, eggs, nuts and milk. We have a list of many of our ingredients available but in not conclusive as suppliers change their ingredients regularly.

Special Dietary Needs and Allergies, click “here”


We have a minimum of 60 heads for a served function for many dates in our peak times, we will notify you of this on booking. If your head count drops the minimum we can charge is for 60 in this case.


Please feel free to contact us over any queries you may have. It is often better to write down your queries over a couple of days and ask them in one go instead of repeatedly ringing . If you are a school or club, nominate one person to be in charge of communications with us as we often get several people ringing from one place.

With thanks, Rod and Anna Grenfell

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