Morning/Afternoon Teas and Platter Quote

Platters etc for self serve or Fully Catered on site.

An example of Fully Catered morning tea per guest, 2 x medium sized scones with jam etc, 2 x 3 point club sandwiches,bottomless fruit platter served with tea and coffee. Includes staff, serving, china cups and eating/serving utensils and all clean up.

$12.50 p/h based on 60 heads plus our “cost of travel” fee.

Please ask for a quote as prices vary according to head count and amount of platters chosen.
Sandwich Platters, 40 x 3 point (10 sandwiches of different varieties cut into 40)

Pick Up Price, $45

Sweet Slice Platters, Hedgehog, Lemon Slice, Annas famous Jelly Slice etc. Cut into 1/2 for easy bites. The full size is the same as what you see at a Bakery, similar to a business sized card.

Pick Up Price, $1.95 per slice minimum 20 serves.

Fruit Platters. Mixed Seasonal fruits, 2.8 kg minimum per platter.

Pick Up Price, $35.00

You can hire china cups, saucers, teaspoons and electric urn.

Comes with instant Tea & Coffee, milk, soya milk etc from $2.50 per head when ordered with platters. Damages deposit required.

Please contact us or ring to enquire