Club Meals & Miscellaneous Quote

Clubs, Schools, Church groups, Camps, Work functions, Training Days.

If you are looking for Budget Catering look no further. These meals are cheaper than the buffet roast meals due to their simplicity, ease to serve and use of rice, pasta, rolls etc.

These menus are subject to availability in December.

Beef Casserole with Rice
Lasagne, sliced bread and 2 hot vegetables or Garden Salad
Spaghetti with Beef Bolognaise Sauce and cheese
Bangers Mash and bread
Stir Fry Beef with Rice
Curry Chicken with Rice
Curry Sausages with Rice
Meat Balls in Tomato Bolognaise sauce and pasta

We are able to cook some of the above with only 24 hours notice, if ordered 4 working days prior there is no late order surcharge.

Hot and ready to serve! Only $9.00 each, minimum of 40, GST inc.
You need to provide your own serving and eating utensils.
Serve on site or delivery often available at added cost, please enquire.

“You Heat” Roast Meats
Cold vacuum sealed carved beef ready for you to heat (250g raw or 150 gram cooked). Pick up from Bayswater or we may be able to deliver with your meals above. Comes with easy instructions.

15-25 heads $6.50 p/h beef only
26-39 heads $5.50 p/h beef only
40+ heads $4.50 p/h beef only

To change Beef or add additional roasts add 50c Per head for Pork, 50c for Chicken, $1.00 for Lamb.

Cold “Hot Rods Gravy” also available @25c per serve


“You heat” Beef Rolls. Large rolls, roast beef with gravy and coleslaw $7.00 Comes with easy instructions, please enquire. minimum 40 heads 

Miscellaneous Menus
These meals may only be available for pick up in December. Feel free to ring and enquire.

Salad and meat Rolls. Lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, cucumber, shredded carrot, ham, beef, chicken and dressings.
Pick up, $7.50 p/h.

Presented for self serve 40 to 60 heads $9.50 P/h , 61 and over $9.00 p/h

Hot Beef Rolls and gravy with lettuce, tomato, shredded carrot, onion, coleslaw & cheese.
Pick up, $8.50 p/h.

Presented for self serve 40 to 60 heads $10.50 p/h, 61 and over $10.00 p/h

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