Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken with Salads or Hot Vegetables, Potatoes and more!

Birthday, Engagement, Corporate, Wedding.

A menu and budget to suit every occasion!

Our budget menus are the same quality as our top menus, only the service, size and variety increases.

Bronze Basic Buffet Roast

This menu is a “Value for Money” menu and is ideal for casual functions. 4 Salads or Veg, bread, potatoes, carved roasts.

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Silver Delight Buffet Roast

Our most popular menu! More Salad or Veg variety, french sticks, potatoes, carved roasts, condiments, option of fully catered.

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Gold Class Buffet Roast

This is the jewel in the crown. Select your choice of meats and salads. Upmarket in quality, range and fully catered.

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Platinum Buffet Roast

The meal is presented beautifully buffet style with us carving your roast and serving the meats onto the plates at the end of the banquet.

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